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We provide the following services:
  • Demolition-free Mold Removal
  • Commercial Mold Removal
  • Residential Mold Removal
  • Pathogen Removal
  • Infectious Disease Disinfection
  • Black Mold Treatment
  • Mold Testing
  • Deodorization & Sanitation
  • EPA Approved
  • IICRC Services
  • And More

When you need extensive mold removal for your Milwaukee home or office, look no further than the professionals at Pure Maintenance of Illinois! We offer years of experience and the proper equipment to handle the toughest of mold removal projects. Our patented dry fog technology ensures a thorough, demolition-free mold remediation solution that leaves your home's air cleaner and safer than the air outside. In as little as 4 hours, our certified mold remediation specialists will rid your home of all traces of mold without removing a single piece of drywall or flooring.

Our dry fog mold removal is safe, effective, and EPA approved. Using a two-step process of InstaPURE to disinfect and destroy all mold spores in the air and EverPURE to prevent new mold infestations for up to 90 days after treatment, we can guarantee your home will be mold free. The Pure Maintenance mold remediation technique is safe enough to be used in hospitals, but strong enough to kill mold on any surface it touches.

Mold damage can be hazardous for you and your loved ones and lead to serious health concerns. Pure Maintenance of Illinois uses the latest industry techniques to rid your property of all mold. Rather than destroying the structure of your property, we use EPA approved chemicals to remove all mold while maintaining the composition of your home or office. We also offer expert level disease disinfection so you can keep your home or office safe from superbugs like Coronavirus, Staph, and Hepatitis. Each of our services includes an estimate to keep you within your budget and further your satisfaction with all of our services!

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