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Infectious Disease Cleaning in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Infectious Disease Disinfection

Stoping the spread of infectious disease is a critical step in avoiding widespread contamination. Many infections considered 'superbugs' have the ability to live on surfaces for hours, even days. As mold removal specialists, the team at Pure Maintenance of Illinois is uniquely equipped with the knowledge, skill, and resources to thoroughly disinfect any home or office building where there is a concern of infectious disease.

How do you disinfect for Coronavirus and other superbugs?

The key to the successful disinfection and decontamination of superbugs like MRSA and Coronavirus is to hire an experienced, specially trained restoration firm like Pure Maintenance of Illinois. Our experts understand how to contain the spread of the virus, wear protective gear and adhere to safety precautions outlined by the CDC, and know exactly where to turn their attention to ensure your property is returned to a safe, healthy environment as quickly as possible.

Our team will disinfect, sanitize, and follow recommendations from the CDC to clean all surfaces in the home, including carpets and other flooring, subfloors, air ducts and vents, furniture, the space between walls, wood, ceilings, and any other surface that could carry the disease.

What does it cost to hire an infectious disease disinfection firm?

Most infectious disease clean up is covered by your property owner's insurance. At Pure Maintenance of Illinois, we work directly with your insurance company to help alleviate the stress of dealing with filing claims and help you get reimbursed faster. We will do everything in our power to make your biohazard cleaning fast, affordable, and low stress.

If you are concerned about possible MRSA, Staph, Hepatitis, or Coronavirus contamination at your home or office, call us today at (Sorry, we are unavailable) to schedule an onsite assessment for Milwaukee disinfection services.