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Pure Maintenance of Wisconsin is an insured mold remediation company revolutionizing the way we clear your property of mold. With 11 years of experience in the mold removal industry, we specialize in effective mold removal for both residential and commercial properties. Our team consists of licensed professionals who are trained through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. We believe in quality customer service for each of our clients and handle each mold removal process with care and compassion.

Why Choose Dry Fog Mold Removal Over Traditional Methods?

  1. It's faster than traditional mold removal. Our process is 100% demolition-free. Plus, unlike other mold removal methods that can take weeks to fully rid your property of mold, our patented dry fog technology resolves your mold problem in as little as 4 hours.
  2. It's non-invasive. EPA Certified. FDA Certified. Our solutions (EverPure, and InstaPure) are organic, and child/pet-friendly.
  3. It's more effective. Our EPA approved dry fog technology removes bacteria, viruses, and mold from surfaces while also treating for mold spores that are airborne, in furniture, fabrics, in the air ducts, or behind walls. We believe our process is so effective that we guarantee our results.
  4. It's less expensive. Without demolition, your mold removal costs are cut drastically. 

At Pure Maintenance of Wisconsin we take the time to thoroughly address your mold concerns and work hard to rid your home of any harmful spores. We provide warranties up to one-year to guarantee you get the most out of our mold removal services. We make it our mission to provide each of our clients with high-end mold removal services at an affordable price. Everyone should have access to mold removal and we are here to provide it!

For an estimate on mold removal services at your Milwaukee home or office, call us today at 262-435-5882!

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Why Choose Pure Maintenance of Wisconsin as your Mold Removal Expert?

  • We are Fully Insured for Your Protection
  • We are Properly Licensed in Order to Perform Mold Removal Work
  • EPA Approved
  • Patented Dry Fog Technology
  • Demolition-Free Mold Remediation
  • Low Cost Home Health Evaluation
  • Child & Pet-Friendly Mold Removal
  • Six Month Warranty

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Great people, great service, great prices. Brandon A.

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I had a pipe connection come loose from a sump pump and water entered a downstairs bedroom. Mold is visibly present on the baseboards and lower drywall. I need to address this ASAP and was wondering if you could do this and what the cost would be.

Dan L

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